Jan 19 2015

ACF Torino USA – 2015 Season

After an up and down 2014 season, the board of ACF Torino USA has worked hard in the off-season to create a new approach that we think will be more appealing to players as we enter our 2015 season.

To begin with, we will be operating with former player Jessica Jach (out on a knee injury) and last year’s team captian Elise Bender as our coaches (Elise will continue to play). We feel that moving to this “player” coach style will allow ACF Torino USA to be more in touch with the players and allow us to have a great season. Torino feels that the purpose of the WPSL season is to allow you, the player, the best competitive opportunity to play without having to deal with the politics a high status coach would bring with them.

Next, we have created a packet with all of the information returning and new players will need to know about ACF Torino’s 2015 season (click here to view). The basic gist is that we want to make the program ACF Torino offers more realistic. Even though the WPSL season is short, it can be hard to commit to training and games 4-5 times each week. In 2015 we will only hold one full team practice per week. Most games will be played on the weekends, with the occasional weekday game. When we have a weekday game, we will not have practice that week so that we keep the traveling time down for players, thus making the main commitment only 2 or 3 days max each week. For those who want more opportunities to train, we will coordinate optional small group training sessions which will be organized by location so that travel time for players is reduced. In summary, we know that the WPSL season is a summer season and as a player there are many things you want/have to do during the summer months other than play for a WPSL team. Therefore, we are making it easy to commit to ACF Torino while also leaving Torino in a position to have a successful season.

In addition, we have also already reserved our home field for weekly games and practices, so unlike in years past we will be training at a consistent location which is also our home field (turf field at Riverdale Baptist Church: 1177 Largo Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774).

Finally, ACF Torino USA owner Mario Repole has come up with an amazing offer for this year’s players…. To join the team players must pay $250 before the first game, but if you attend 80% of the games and practices you will get your money fully refunded at the end of the season party in July. This offer makes it affordable to play for a high-quality team, encourages our core value of commitment and will greatly enhance our team chemistry.

We here at ACF Torino feel that with all of these changes we have setup Torino to have a great 2015 season.

Jan 19 2015

2015 Program Overview & Preseason Calendar

ACF Torino USA has created a 2015 Program Overview along with a Preseason calendar in order to provide our returning players and any newly interested player with the vital information they will need to know about the 2015 season. Please download both documents and review them fully before c omitting to ACF Torino USA. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to commit to the 2015 WPSL season with ACF Torino USA, please contact Kirsten Pelton at kpelton@acftorinous.com.

2015 ACF Torino USA Program Overview

2015 Preseason Calendar

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